In the press

I appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the Cart Narcs.  

My article on Facebook's now-defunct page presenting bullshit data on the number of friendships across the lines of various famous conflicts was featured in a interesting editorial on ״Social Media Platforms and the Upside of Ignorance״.

I was interviewed by Al Jazeera who asked me to talk about the so-called "Facebook Law" here in Israel.

The Marker ran a supplement featuring 26 inspirational research projects. My work on unfriending was included, in an article titled, "Someone unfriended you? You don't have to take offense" (9.10.2016, in Hebrew).

This isn't really in the press, but it's a bit interesting. I wrote a piece on Twitter chat about Facebook unfriending following the Orlando mass shooting of June 12 2016. The terrific published. it.

My research of Facebook unfriending during the Israel-Gaza conflict in the summer of 2014 received some press coverage in Israel and elsewhere. Here are some of the highlights:

I was asked to write a short piece about my unfriending work for the excellent blog, You can read it here.

There was another flurry of interest after the publication of the article in the Journal of Communication in December 2015. There are links to a number of pieces here.